1994 UST grad joins Olympic torch bearers

1994 UST alumna Shaun (Leslie) Olson, of Blaine, was among the bearers of the Olympic torch as it continued to make its way across the United States.

By the time it reaches Salt Lake City, Utah, site of the 2002 Olympic Games, the torch will have traveled 13,500 miles across the United States in 65 days.

Torch bearers were selected because they “inspire others to greater achievement; inspire their communities; embody the inspirational spirit of the Olympic Movement; or motivate others by encountering and overcoming adversity.”

Olson and 33 other Minnesotans had to travel a bit for their contribution to the Olympic celebration because Minnesota — along with North Dakota, South Dakota and Hawaii — was excluded from the torch relay route this year, much to the dismay of Gov. Jesse Ventura. So Olson ran with the torch in Omaha, Neb., last Thursday.

Learn all about the torch relay here.


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