2004-05 Tutor-Mentor Program volunteers recognized

The following tutors are recognized for their outstanding commitment to community service through the Tutor-Mentor Program. They have provided a consistent presence in the lives of K-12 students at one of 24 public schools, charter schools, parochial schools or after-school programs in Minneapolis and St. Paul. These students have tutored for at least four semesters (two full academic years) up to as many as eight semesters (four academic years).

Eight semesters
Kimberly Pearson

Seven semesters
Mitchell Burud
Adam Lukoskie
Todd Naranjo

Six semesters
Kasey Kapella
Kelli Oman
Jessica O’Neill
See Vang
Danielle Wagner

Five semesters
Heidi Anderson
Tessa Butler
Jessica Falk
Emily Kinzer
Meghan McNamer
Caitlin Nelson
Kelly Resler

Four semesters
Eric Bruggeman
Rachel Carlson
Amy Flusemann
Teresa Giardina
Mary Heuer
Ashley Kimble
Megan Mack
Kailyn McQuillan
Aanya Mickelson
Laura Nefs
Dasha Nelson
Patrick Ryberg
Luke Schroeder
Brittney Seaberg
Kayla Stormo
Trudi Stock
Carolyn Strand
Alissa Torgerson

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