This photo was taken in a garden that was in full bloom with cherry blossoms. In Japan, April is the main tourist season because the blossoms draw in sightseers. The garden was a very romantic setting filled with local couples, young and old, strolling amidst the trees. A friend of mine was fulfilling her grandmother’s life goal to see the Japanese cherry blossoms by capturing the moment on her camera to bring home to her grandmother. I just decided to join in the moment by snapping away. 

 Second Place: "A London Bus," Alex Zoltai ’07AIFS, London and Richmond, Fall 2005

A British gentleman waits for a bus in London’s business district, as another bus speeds by. Buses go by in London every few seconds. Everywhere you look in London there are buses!

Third Place: "Irony," Jess Smith ’07Florence, Italy, Spring 2006

This photo was taken during a day trip I took to Sienna and San Gimigniano in the Tuscan countryside during my spring semester in Florence, Italy. While walking around Sienna’s Piazza del Campo, I found this fountain where the pigeons were enjoying water from the dogs’ mouths.

Category Two: An Intercultural Experience

First Place: "Angkor Wat," Natasha Goemer ’07Semester at Sea, Cambodia, Spring 2006

Angkor Wat is considered to be the largest religious monument in the world. Its temples spread about 40 miles throughout Cambodia. It is also one of the only religious monuments to have been used by two religions peacefully – first by the Hindus who built it and now mainly by the Buddhists who worship in it. Here is a Buddhist monk worshipping within the temple.

Second Place: "The Odd Couple," Jess Smith ’07Florence, Italy, Spring 2006

This photo was taken during my last weekend with my friends in Florence, Italy. We hiked the Cinque Terre, which is a beautiful and intense hike between five cities along the Mediterranean coast. I found these two men relaxing on a bench in the second city, Vernazza. It seemed like the whole city was in the piazza by the sea that day, enjoying live music and the sun. It was a great way to end my semester in Italy.

Third Place: "Facing the Past," Ericka Ashley ’08SIT: The Balkans, Spring 2006

I took this photo at the site of the John Lennon wall in Prague, Czech Republic. It captures a student staring at the poetry, lyrics and words of peace left by people from around the world. The wall originally was used to post ant-government complaints, but it is now a protected and open canvas for young artists.

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