The Context of “New and Improved”

As a product of the UST Evening MBA (’97), I would be disappointed – and on my way out the door – if the critical elements of my graduate business education were missing in order for OCB to wave the AACSB banner.
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Good Men Whose Team Reflects Their Character

The spring semester started this week and life on campus is back to normal. Students hurry across the Quad with cell phones tucked to their ears. The days get longer. The Grill gets busier. And the basketball Tommies again sit atop the MIAC men’s standings, ranked No. 8 in the nation in Division III.
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Good men Whose Teams Reflect Their Character

The St. Thomas men's basketball team again is in first place in the MIAC, rated No. 8 in the country, and Dave Nimmer knows one of the reasons why: coaches Steve Fritz and John Tauer. Today in The Scroll, Nimmer writes about the Tommie titans and why they impress him.