One of the many challenges Jean Haley, associate vice president for technology, and I have to face in the near future is assessing our need for a new administrative system, a data-warehousing initiative, and the community’s need for easy access to information to support its decision-making processes. In our exploration of resources to help us meet these challenges, we have found that expertise is widely dispersed here at the university. It is my opinion that reallocation of these expert resources is necessary to succeed.

Our explorations resulted in discussions with Institutional Research and Planning staff, who possess a good deal of history as well as expertise in this area of need. As a result of our discussions, Kris Ragozzino, director of institutional research and planning, and Amy Garbacz, associate director, have recommended that a reallocation of their positions to Computing and Communication Services will help us better meet the timeline of this challenge. This will allow Institutional Research and Planning to continue to focus on the strategic planning effort and Amy and Kris to focus on information management and reporting issues with Computing and Communication Services.

Therefore, effective immediately, Kris and Amy will be realigned with Computing and Communication Services for this purpose. They will play a critical role in the review of a new administrative system and the data-warehousing project, while continuing to provide services for official enrollment reporting, ad hoc requests for information, institutional level reporting and other functions related to the use of institutional data and information management. This realignment does not diminish the work of the Technology: Organizational Structure Study Group. The bigger question that this group has been asked to address, that of overall organizational structure for our comprehensive technology efforts, still remains.

The remaining Institutional Research and Planning staff will focus on strategic planning, assessment and survey research and will continue to report to me. Institutional Research and Planning will remain in its current location, Room 201, Aquinas Hall, until July when the office moves to third floor, Aquinas Hall. Kris and Amy’s phone numbers will remain unchanged during this transition.

Additional details will be forthcoming.


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