Accounts Payable has initiated direct deposits for employee reimbursements

Accounts Payable has initiated direct deposits for employee reimbursements

From Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is pleased to announce that employee reimbursements, prepaid expenses and cash advances will be directly deposited into your bank account effective July 1. Employees will no longer confuse “real” checks with their direct deposit payroll advice and will not have to make the extra step of getting the check deposited to their account.

Automatic reimbursement deposits will occur twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and therefore will be in the employee’s bank account faster than getting a check and making a deposit. Employees will receive a digitally formatted direct deposit statement via encrypted e-mail. It will allow you to file, print or forward the statement.

  • All employees who currently have 100 percent of their paycheck directly deposited will be automatically set up to receive reimbursements via direct deposit.
  • For those employees depositing their paychecks into more than one account, Accounts Payable will contact them to identify which account should be used for employee reimbursements. (While paychecks can be deposited to multiple accounts, reimbursements can only be deposited to one account.)
  • Employees not currently using direct deposit for payroll will continue to be issued paper checks for reimbursement. These employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit for both their paycheck and reimbursements. Forms are available online.

If you have any questions concerning direct deposit for reimbursements, please contact Accounts Payable.