A quick response by an alert St. Thomas employee on Wednesday, Sept. 29, enabled St. Thomas Public Safety officers to locate, question and cite a man for trespassing on campus.

On Sept. 10, the Public Safety department alerted the campus about Antone Lee Buckingham, who had been arrested for a crime committed on St. Thomas’ Minneapolis campus. On Sept. 27, two Minneapolis campus employees reported that someone meeting Buckingham’s description was looking into offices there. The suspect became suspicious and fled the campus as officers were trying to locate him.

On Sept. 29 Public Safety notified the campus and posted Buckingham’s photograph on St. Thomas’ e-mail system, asking the community to report any sitings of the suspect. Later that day, a St. Paul campus employee reported seeing Buckingham.

Brock Rasmussen, manager of investigations at St. Thomas, said “The Department of Public Safety would like to thank everyone who reported seeing Buckingham. All information has been extremely helpful in compiling a list of activity that (he) has allegedly been involved in. Because of the active role that the UST community has taken in crime prevention, it makes the University of St. Thomas a safer place in which to work, learn and reside. I impressed upon Buckingham that the UST community is aware of his activities and will not hesitate to call Public Safety if he is seen on campus.

“Although Buckingham was apprehended, there is always a chance that he may return to either the St. Paul or Minneapolis campus. If he is on campus, he will be arrested immediately by a Public Safety officer since he has been issued a written trespass. Please be watchful and immediately report any and all suspicious activity that you observe.

“Thank you again for taking an active role in preventing crime on campus.”

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