Applications are being accepted for the position of director of the Center for Faculty Development, to begin July 1, 2001.

The director is a member of the faculty, serves in this position on a two-thirds time basis during the academic year, and has a 10-month appointment overall. Length of the term as director is three years with the possibility of renewal for another three years.

The director is responsible for the administration, including planning, implementation and evaluation of center programs. Major areas of ongoing responsibility include: chairing the Faculty Development Committee, which reviews all internal grant and sabbatical applications and sets overall policy for the center; consulting one-to-one with faculty about their teaching; preparing and administering the center’s budget; providing leadership for the center’s associate director and administrative secretary; serving on a variety of university committees where faculty-development issues or programming is relevant. A significant responsibility of the new director will be a comprehensive review of the center’s programs from which will come a strategic plan for its future.

The person in this position should understand the essence of faculty development, be able to manage a multifaceted faculty-development program and be willing to promote faculty development to a variety of audiences. The director should be committed to learning more about this discipline through attendance at local and national conferences in the field and reading the literature, in order to recognize and incorporate new directions in faculty development programming at St. Thomas.

Applicants should submit a letter of application to the Faculty Development Committee, Mail # 4034, outlining their qualifications and stating their philosophy of faculty developing. A current curriculum vitae also should be included. The deadline for applications is Feb. 5, 2001.





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