All computer servers located in the lower level of Aquinas Hall will be down, starting very early Sunday, Nov. 21. Computing and Communication Services hopes to have the servers available again by noon that day. During the outage, CCS will finish upgrading the Aquinas Hall servers to full Y2K compliance.

Some of the services that will be unavailable during the down time include:

  • St. Thomas e-mail (both Outlook and VMS mail)
  • Internet Access
  • All St. Thomas Web pages
  • WebCT
  • NT system authentication (network logins)
  • NT central storage
  • MacShare
  • Administrative Systems (FRS, SIS, ADS, HRS, SOD)
  • Murphy and Web registration
  • All ALPHA resident applications including Focus, Minitab and Oracle
  • Library Proxy Server (off-campus access to restricted databases)

Phones still will be available. Also, building access card readers will continue to work, but they will respond more slowly than they normally do.

CCS hopes to have the servers available by noon, but you are encouraged to plan for the systems to be unavailable all day on the 21st.

If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact the CCS Help Desk, (651) 962-6230.


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