People considering adoption, confronting the challenges of aging or dying parents, working through the loss of a spouse, facing a traumatic medical diagnosis, or going through separation or divorce all need to know where they can turn for professional assistance.

If you have a particular life experience that you are willing to share with others on a one-to-one basis, please consider volunteering for this program.

The women’s center will keep a confidential list of individuals who would be willing to be called, organized according to the type of life experience they would be willing to discuss. Then, when someone comes to the center with a particular concern, the center could offer not only to help the individual access resources, such as the Employee Assistance Referral Program, Campus Ministry and Personal Counseling, but to help the individual make personal contact with someone within the UST community.

There are no explicit expectations that people will meet a specific number of times, or that relationships will take a certain shape, other than that both parties agree to keep their conversations confidential (unless they mutually agree otherwise). It is hoped that these contacts will help people who are going through difficult life experiences to feel less lonely and will warm the climate at St. Thomas for everyone.

For additional information or for a form to indicate your willingness to be called, contact the Luann Dummer Center for Women, (651) 962-6119, or send e-mail to


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