The Aristotle Fund, a yearlong class officially known as FINC 717: Investment FundManagement, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Providing M.B.A. students with the chance to manage a $2 million investment fund, the Aristotle Fund was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor to St. Thomas. The gift was made with the intention that the money be actively managed by graduate business students. In order to prepare students for careers as equity analysts and portfoliomanagers, the course simulates the requirements for these jobs as much as possible. The fund is a portion of the University of St. Thomas endowment; students buy and sell assets in the portfolio to fulfill the objectives of the University of St. Thomas Board of Trustees. Members of the financial community serve as mentors to the students.In July, more than 100 Aristotle Fund alumni and mentors gathered at Bryant Lake Bowl to celebrate the fund’s 10th anniversary. To learn more about one alumna, read the profile of Tasha Murdoff.

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