Body Image Awareness Week continues today with a presentation by Kristen Gunderson of Nutritional Weight and Wellness. Gunderson will focus on offering tips to have more energy. She will give her presentation, “Have More Energy! Feel Great!” from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, March 1, in the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center auditorium.

Limited spots are available; register here.

Body image tip of the day

Remember the whole world. We are all different and we’re supposed to be that way. It would be an incredibly boring world if we all looked exactly the same. It’s a truly special experience to look around and realize that everyone is beautiful, no matter what size, color or gender they are. There is beauty in everyone, and that includes you!

Source: Something Fishy.

Prize Patrol

Three students wearing their Body Image Awareness Week buttons were caught Wednesday by the Prize Patrol. The prize winners are:

  • Jennifer Geske
  • Francesca Bernardi
  • Elizabeth Miner
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