From Computing and Communication Services

You may have heard about the BubbleBoy virus — a virus that can infect your computer through an e-mail message. This virus can be embedded within an e-mail message alone; unlike earlier viruses that spread themselves through e-mail, it does not require you to open an attachment to spread the virus.

Don’t panic.

This is a real virus, but at this point, it is not “in the wild” or being distributed in any way. The BubbleBoy virus author wrote the virus, then immediately sent the virus to anti-virus software companies so that they could develop a defense against it. Right now, this virus exists only on the test servers of those companies.

However, now that one person has created this virus, someone more malicious will probably be able to figure out how to do it, too. The Computing and Communication Services Virus Team is researching this virus and formulating a way to protect St. Thomas users form similar threats. Stay tuned — more information will be available early next week.

As always, you can call the Help Desk with your questions and concerns at (651) 962-6230.


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