We’ve had a great many comments about the new Bulletin Today, and for them we thank you! We’ve also had a flood of submissions, many at the last hour of the day, begging for inclusion in the following day’s issue. This can be done, but it’s making our hair turn gray.

We generally have finished preparing tomorrow’s Bulletin Today by 10 a.m. today. This gives us the day to work the technomiracles, correct bad spelling, search for missing information and handle emergency projects for coming issues.

Here’s our request: Send your news as soon as you can, preferably two days or even more before you’d like it to appear. That allows us some flexibility and helps us maintain our blood pressure at healthy levels.

For details on how to submit your articles, click the “How to send us news” link on the left side of the Web page. There you’ll find an e-mail link for convenient submissions.

Thank you! — Bulletin Today editors

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