Friars and Jews in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Brill)Edited by Dr. Steven McMichael, Theology, and Dr. Susan Myers, Theology

This volume deals with the friars, especially the Franciscans and Dominicans, in their writing and preaching about Judaism in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It shows the complexity of Jewish-Christian relations in the life and writings of the mendicants on the eve of the modern world.

Micromatic: A Strategic Management Simulation (Houghton-Mifflin)By Dr. Phil Anderson, Management, co-author

Using Micromatic, student players develop and implement their company strategy integrating marketing, operations and finance strategies in competition with other student-managed companies.

A Spiritual Field Guide: Meditations for the Outdoors (Brazos Press)By Dr. Bernard Brady, Theology, and Dr. Mark Neuzil, Journalism-Mass Communication

A "backpacker’s companion" for those who want to think about our interaction with nature and with God, it includes Bible readings and selections from people as diverse as Pope John Paul II and Annie Dillard.

Window Dressing (Outskirts Press, Denver)By John Hershey, University Relations

A small-town college basketball coach gets everything he ever wanted, discovers he doesn’t want it, and sets about to redefine his life and personal relationships with an eclectic collection of characters. The novel combines intrigue, a bit of stargazing, a touch of romance and magic.

Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms (Jossey-Bass)The Power of Critical Theory: Liberating Adult Learning and Teaching (Jossey-Bass), co-authorBy Dr. Stephen Brookfield, Education

The Power of Critical Theory won the 2005 Houle World Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education. Discussion as a Way of Teaching stresses the importance of critical theory in fostering the kind of learning that leads to a truly democratic society.

Contemporary Issues in Interpersonal Communication (Roxbury Publishing)By Dr. Carol Bruess, Communication Studies, co-author

The book engages today’s culturally sensitive, technologically savvy, and forward-thinking interpersonal communication students by highlighting the way that power, culture and technology influence all interpersonal interactions. Topics include verbal and nonverbal communication, perceptual processes in the communication process, mindful listening, and communication in conflict, among others.

How To Love Your Wife (Tate Publishing)By Dr. John Buri, Psychology

This is a marriage book for men (a little different since nearly all marriage books have been written for women). It is the rare man who goes into marriage with a desire for emotional disconnection from the women he loves. Yet this is what happens in so many marriages. This book is for those reasonable men who want to put forth the sensible effort that will allow their marriages to flourish.

The Mother’s Tongue (Salt Publishing)By Heid Erdrich, English

Poems move in images of the living world that include plants and creatures both native and nonnative to American landscapes. They move from pregnancy to work and war, reveal a mother’s transformation within the love of language, and urge women to discover their power as they teach speech.

Selection from "Mother of Sorrows"

A babe will suckle on, unaware

that everything the world tells his mother,

she drinks deeply so she cannot help but think:

I have fed my son on sorrow,

I have made him food for war.

Half Wild (Louisiana State University Press) Winner of the 2005 Walt Whitman Prize, Academy of American PoetsThe Garden at Night: Burnout and Breakout in the Teaching Life (Heineman)The Love of Impermanent Things: A Threshold Ecology (Milkweed Editions)By Dr. Mary Rose O’Reilley, English

The Love of Impermanent Things speaks clearly to readers at midlife who are expected to know it all, but don’t. The author reflects on her hard-won sense of self and as a wildlife rehabilitator feels a close connection to the natural world of animals.

Twilight of the Gods: Polytheism in the Hebrew Bible (Westminster/John Knox)By Dr. David Penchansky, Theology

In ancient Israel, most Israelites believed in many gods some acted as rivals to the Israelite God, some served as God’s messengers and some were God’s offspring. Israel’s monotheism changed the way we speak of deity, but not the basic beliefs.

Sundogs (Parallel Press)By James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies

Sundogs is a chapbook of 24 poems, many of which are alert to nature and the rhythms of the seasons; others are occasioned by cemeteries and other sacred spaces.

Applied Linear Algebra (Prentice-Hall)By Dr. Chehrzad Shakiban, Mathematics, co-author

This text teaches basic methods and algorithms used in real problems likely to be encountered by engineering and science students – and explains why mathematical techniques work.

Vase Painting, Gender and Social Identity in Archaic Athens (Cambridge University Press)By Dr. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell, Art History

Using models developed from psychoanalysis and the theory of the gaze, ritual studies and gender studies, the book demonstrates how "spectators" in vase painting emerge as models for social and gender identification.

Making Music, K-8 School Music Series (Silver Burdett/Scott Foresman)By Dr. Jill Trinka, Graduate Music Education, co-author

"Had a Little Rooster," "There’s A Hole in the Bucket," and "Old Joe Clark" (GIA Publications) are three new compact discs of folk music for children of all ages.

Between the Lakes: The Poets of Linden HillsEdited by Doug Wilhide, Business Communication

A collection of 75 poems by 11 poets (ages 17 to 78) who live in Linden Hills in southwest Minneapolis was put together by Wilhide, who says he is the official poet laureate of the neighborhood. Profits will go to benefit poetry programs.

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