Here is a list of some of the professional achievements of the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and students.

Bernard Armada (Communication and Journalism), (2010). “Memory’s Execution: (Dis)Placing the Dissident Body” in G. Dickenson, C. Blair and B. Ott (eds.) Places of Public Memory: The Rhetoric of Museums and Memorials. University of Alabama Press.

Daniel Carey (Health and Human Performance) and German Pliego (Computer and Information Sciences), (2010). “The Ventilatory Response to Incremental Exercise: Is it One or Two Breakpoints?” Journal of Strength and Conditional Research, 24 (10), 2840-2845.

Erin Curran (Computer and Information Sciences), Mari Heltne (Computer and Information Sciences), Maria Fischer (UST ’12), Elizabeth Plourde (UST ’12), and Samantha Cozort (UST ’11), (2010, October). “The IT Experience at UST.” Presentation at the Association for Institutional Research (AIRUM) Conference. Bloomington, Minn.

Simon Emms (Biology), Amy Verhoeven (Biology), S. Mazer, L. Dudley, and A. Hove, (2010). “Physiological Performance in Clarkia  Sister Taxa with Contrasting Mating Systems: Do Early-Flowering Autogamous Taxa Avoid Water Stress Relative to Their Pollinator- Dependent Counterparts?” International Journal of Plant Sciences, 171 (9), 1029-1047.

Eric Fort (Chemistry) and L. Scott, (2011). “Carbon Nanotubes From Short Hydrocarbon Templates. Energy Analysis of the Diels–Alder Cycloaddition/Rearomatization Growth Strategy.” Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, 1373-1381.

Gloria Frost (Philosophy), (2010). “Thomas Aquinas on the Perpetual Truth of Essential Propositions.” History of Philosophy Quarterly, 27 (3), 197-214.

Tanya Gladney (Sociology and Criminal Justice), (2010, November). “Social Disorganization Theory: The Role of Attenuated Culture on Crime.” Presentation at the American Society of Criminology national conference. San Francisco, Calif.

Monica Hartmann (Economics), P. Davis, A. Davis, and D. Stimel, (2010). “Case Use in Economics Instruction” in M. Salemi and W. Walstad (eds.) Teaching Innovations in Economics. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Tom Hickson (Geology), Dr. Lisa Lamb (Geology) and Jessica Kopp (UST ’11), (2010, November). “A Novel Approach to Isotope Stratigraphy: Using Lateral Variation in Stable δ13C Isotopes to Determine Basin Position.” Geological Society of America national meeting in Denver, Colo.

Angela High-Pippert (Political Science) and Steven Hoffman (Political Science), (2010, December). “From Private Lives to Collective Action: Recruitment and Participation Incentives for a Community Energy Program.” Energy Policy, 38 (12), 7567-7574.

J. Thomas Ippoliti (Chemistry), (2010). “Nanoparticle Structures Comprising Silicon Oxide-Based Polymer, and Composite Materials.” U.S. patent number 7,799,426.

Shersten Johnson (Music), (2010, September). “Sound Gags: Mozart, Mirth, and Metaphor.” Presentation at the 53rd National Conference of the College Music Society. Minneapolis, Minn.

Father Jan Michael Joncas (Catholic Studies), D. Organ and M. Diaz, (2010). “The Assembly,” in J. Wallace (ed.) Preaching in the Sunday Assembly: A Pastoral Commentary on ‘Fulfilled in Your Hearing.’ The Liturgical Press.

Anne Klejment (History), (2011, January). “The Nonviolence of Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez.” Presentation at the joint meeting of the American Historical Association and the American Catholic Historical Association. Boston, Mass.

Jennifer McGuire (Geology), Erik Smith (Geology), Lucas Olson (UST ’11), I. Cozzarelli, and T. Kneeshaw, (2010, December). “Rates of BTEX Biodegradation Under Nitrate Reducing Conditions in Wetland Sediments Impacted by Contaminated Groundwater.” Presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. San Francisco, Calif.

Terence Nichols (Theology), (2010) “Understanding the Creator From the Things That Are Made.” LOGOS, A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, 13 (4), 156-175.

William Ojala (Chemistry), Brianna MacQueen (UST ’08), T. Skrypek and C. Ojala, (2010). “Intermolecular C—F· · ·H—C Contacts in the Molecular Packing of Three Isostructural N- (Fluorophenyl) Mannopyranosylamines.” Acta Crystallographica, Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 66 (12), 565-570.

Lorina Quartarone (Modern and Classical Languages), (2010). “The Heroes of Ovid’s Epic,” in B. Boyd and C. Fox (eds.) Approaches to Teaching the Works of Ovid and the Ovidian Tradition. Modern Language Association.

Thomas Redshaw (English), (2010). “Remains and Removals: The Cuala Press Revival, 1969-1989.” South Carolina Review, 43 (1), 138-161.

Paul Schons (Modern and Classical Languages), (2010, October). “Germany: Dichter und Denker.” Presentation at the 64th Annual Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention. Albuquerque, N.M.

Britain Scott (Psychology), (2010). “Babes and the Woods: Women’s Objectification and the Feminine Beauty Ideal as Ecological Hazards.” Ecopsychology, 2 (3).

Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell (Art History), (2009). “Structural Differentiation of Pursuit Scenes,” in D. Yatromanolakis (ed.) An Archaeology of Representations. Ancient Greek Vase-Painting and Contemporary Methodologies. Athens: Institut du Livre – A. Kardamitsa.

Kevin Theissen (Geology), Ben Czeck (UST ’12), Maverick L. Deschamp (UST ’12), Sean M. Hagen (UST ’12) and W. Hobbs, (2010, December). “Can We Use Redox Sensitive Elements to Indicate Past Stable State Transitions? Preliminary Results from Three Shallow Lakes.” Presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. San Francisco, Calif.

Dan Tight (Modern and Classical Languages), (2010). “Perceptual Learning Style Matching and L2 Vocabulary Acquisition.” Language and Learning, 60 (4), 792-833.

Lisa Waldner (Sociology and Criminal Justice), B. Dobratz, and S. Shanks-Meile, (2010, July). “Terrorism and White Separatists in the U.S.A.: A Look at Leaderless Resistance.” Presentation at the World Congress of Sociology. Gothenburg, Sweden.

Scott Wright (History), (2010). “Disney Films,” “Jefferson Memorial” and “Tokyo Rose,” in The Forties in America. Salem Press.

Scott Yilek (Computer and Information Sciences), M. Bellare, and B. Waters, (2011, March). “Identity-Based Encryption Secure Against Selective Opening Attack.” Presentation at the Eighth Theory of Cryptography Conference. Providence, R.I.

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