Opus Magnum

Jay Ebben

Outside Consultant Features Jay Ebben

On Sunday, April 10, Jay Ebben, associate professor of entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, was featured in the ...
equations on whiteboard

Data Analytics: Like a Boss

We need to have a discussion about marketing analytics; primarily, we need to discuss what this means because I’m seeing two distinct camps forming an...
equations on whiteboard

Data Analytics: Ask the Right Questions

Public Service Announcement: If you’re not intimately familiar with formulas, functions and tables in Excel, you really want to get your hands on an a...
Dan McLaughlin

Data Analytics for Everyone

Cognitive computing has entered the business enterprise as an important tool. The term “cognitive computing” refers to a computer’s ability to functio...

Bold Conversations and New Directions

Studies show that a diverse workforce benefits the entire company. But “diversity and inclusion” is a phrase used so often (it even has an acronym: D&...
J-term group visits the Taj Mahal

Diversity Drives a Mega Market

When I first learned of the opportunity to study abroad in India, my immediate thought was, "What better way to experience the country!" The structure...
Voting Booths

I’m Going to Vote Today!

Aaron Sackett, associate professor of marketing, was recently named as a finalist in the Knight Cities Challenge for his project, titled “I’m Going to Vote Today!” which aims to increase voter turnout using a “behavioral intervention.”
Michael Porter

Silly Walks and the Fractal Brand

Having had the good fortune to be at a recent Schulze School of Entrepreneurship event featuring John Cleese, I was surprised to see people getting up...