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The Scroll: The Perils of Summer Cleaning

Is your office a mess? Susan Alexander long realized hers was just that, and then one day over the summer she wandered into Kris Bunton’s sparkling office and became inspired. Susan returned to her Aquinas Hall office and began what she called a “renovation.” Read about it today in The Scroll.
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The Scroll: Got Gas?

Carol Bruess, bargain hunter extraordinaire, has discovered a deal almost too good to be true: A 10 percent discount on gasoline at the Sinclair station on Grand Avenue, thanks to the St. Thomas eXpress Card, and they’ll even wash your windows. She exudes about the deal – and the full service – today in The Scroll.
Steve Trost

The Scroll: A Fond Farewell, Steve Trost!

Steve Trost retires Wednesday as greenhouse manager at St. Thomas. Dave Nimmer, writing in The Scroll, talks about his buddy's 32 years of working magic in flower beds and collaborating with biology students and professors.

The Scroll: History Hunters, St. Thomas Style

Junior Lisa Weier wasn't fond of history classes in high school, but she has a special appreciation for the subject matter these days as she learns more about St. Thomas and people such as John Ireland, Thomas Grace and William Finn. Read her history lesson today in The Scroll.

The Scroll: If You Weren’t On Campus Over the Summer . . .

Susan Alexander had fun this summer at St. Thomas, although she finds it a distinctly different season and time of year to hang around on campus. Read about her charming summer today in The Scroll, and how she is ready for a invigorating fall, too.
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Seniors: Are You Really Ready for Graduation?

Oh what difference a year makes!An entire year has passed since I graduated from St. Thomas. Since I was in your shoes not that long ago, graduating seniors, I will impart my experience on you so you can mentally prepare for the big day.
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A Day in the Life of …

. . . an Army-Air Force second lieutenant nurse in World War II. Whoofda! I really have no idea what that would be like, but I do know what it’s like to wear the uniform that used to belong to such a veteran.
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Verdict is in on the Anderson Student Center

Dave Nimmer has visited the Anderson Student Center often enough in the last three months that he feels he’s ready to offer his opinions on whether the building lives up to its promise and the hype that has followed the January opening. Read his assessment today in The Scroll.
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Pretty Darn Really Cool, Part II

Carol Bruess regaled you last week in The Scroll about those pretty darn really cool alumnae who showed up earlier this month at a Women Connect event. In her quest to identify more pretty darn really cool people, she remembered her buddy Jim Waska, “the super nice guy at the FedEx window” in Murray-Herrick. Read about Jim today in The Scroll.
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A “Great” and “Wonderful” Appointment

Nobody was surprised when John Tauer was named as head coach of the St. Thomas men’s basketball team on Monday, but the news conference still generated a nice turnout and a lot of smiles and claps on the back. Read more about them today in The Scroll and on
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Pretty Darn Really Cool

Carol Bruess, queen of positive-thinking superlatives, almost ran out of them in writing about last Saturday’s Women Connect brunch on campus. The group put on a high-energy event that featured, among others, Semhar Araia, a 1999 alumna who has loads of connections in Washington, D.C., including knowing a certain president. Read about Women Connect – and what you missed if you weren’t there – today in The Scroll.
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I’m a Big(ger) Kid Now . . .

Lisa Weier’s sister is getting married next month, and that brings back memories of when they played “wedding dress-up” as little girls. Now the real deal is about to happen, Lisa reports today in The Scroll, and she’s feeling a bit older as a result.
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Let’s Move Forward, Not Back

Mike Orth, president of the Undergraduate Student Government, was a little nervous when he went to a neighborhood meeting to talk about building stronger relationships between students and neighbors. But once he got there, he realized everybody wants the same thing: a prosperous and livable neighborhood. Given that common goal, he writes today in The Scroll, it's time for everybody to work together.
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The Truth That Lies in “Time Flies”

Martha McCarthy no longer is in school, but the 2011 St. Thomas alumna says she still is startled at how fast this semester is flying by. She has some advice for seniors today in The Scroll: Enjoy the spring, because it will be gone before you know it, and you will be joining her in “The Real World.”
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‘Passion Play’ Still Burns Brightly

Twenty years after Dave Nimmer participated in a modern version of the “Passion Play” at St. Thomas, he remembers the serenity he felt that evening. It still gives him solace to this day, and he explains why in The Scroll.
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No Pinterest? No Twitter? No Way!

“Oh, the pain and the agony!” writes Carol Bruess in describing the reaction of communication and journalism students when told their assignment was to “unplug” for four straight days and write about the experience. No cell phones, no computers, no television and no radio. They survived, Bruess reports today in The Scroll, and she shares the essay of one freshman who believes that technology “has evolved into a creature with a restrictive stranglehold on our society.”
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A Winner Talks to Winners About Winning . . . and Watches

Ted Riverso stopped by St. Thomas the other day to talk to the women’s basketball team about what it takes to win a national championship. He should know. His Tommies won the 1991 NCAA Division III title, and Riverso shared those moments – and what he carries from them to this day. Read what he had to say today in The Scroll.
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Our Young Alumni Are Doing Quite Well in The Job Market

Susan Alexander has been worried about the economy, our tuition and how much we contribute to the earning power of our graduates. So she went to “Dr. Mike” for answers and came away from their conversation feeling very reassured. She shares those answers today in The Scroll.
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Got Coconut Bra?

Carol Bruess used to see eyes rolling every time she talked about teaching a January Term course … in Hawaii! But she insists the class has incredible value, and today in The Scroll she relates what happened on this year’s trip (which she was not on) to explain its “profound cultural and academic service-learning experiences.”
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To Merit or Not to Merit

The Faculty Senate is considering a report from the Merit Pay Task Force, and Susan Alexander has some words of advice from her days of teaching Principles of Microeconomics: Keep in touch with your inner primate, and treat people fairly. She explains why today in The Scroll.
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Stars, Rome and Home: My Spring Semester (So Far)

Lisa Weier is having one of those semesters … busy, as usual, but nothing out of the ordinary enough to merit attention as a solo topic for The Scroll. So she has decided to weigh in on a number of issues.
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Ooh, Tan . . .

Susan Alexander learned all kinds of intriguing tidbits after she wrote in The Scroll earlier this month that purple is her favorite color. She now knows what trochaic tetrameter is, that violet – and not necessarily purple – may best define St. Thomas, and why her personal color is “logical tan.” Seriously! Read about this and take your own color (aura) quiz today in The Scroll.
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What’s News . . . Or Not

Dave Nimmer got around to comparing headlines the other day and concluded that St. Thomas, where talk is about mice in buildings, the demise of old couches and the towing of expensive cars, is in “very good shape” considering the gloom and doom elsewhere. Or it could be, he writes today in The Scroll, “that trouble and turmoil are relative.”