Uganda Health Care

Students Aim to Bring ‘Life,’ in More Ways Than One, to Africa

Seniors Samali Mutazindwa and Netsanet Negussie, and Mathew Vicknair '13 are working to bring their program, Maysha, which means "life" in Swahili, to underserved communities in East Africa. The program will focus on health care literacy and malaria intervention.

Working With Adolescents and Discovering the ‘Voice of the Youth’

In the beginning of Andera Nesmith's social work career, she worked with issues pertaining to runaways, homeless youth, youth with incarcerated parents and older youth in foster care. She has since discovered a common thread that attracted her to these populations -- youth who were separated from their parents, either by their own actions or the actions of others.
Jessica Toft

Experience in the Field Compels Jessica Toft to Explore the Role of Citizenship in Helping the Disenfranchised Class

In the course of every year while growing up, I lived in three different settings: city, suburb and rural and small town. Although my parents lived close to each other in St. Louis, Mo., those few miles covered a broad range of socioeconomic and racial ethnic differences.