Professor Gregory Sisk

Sisk Files Amicus Brief in SCOTUS Case Considering Bivens Claim

In a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court raising the question of whether a border patrol agent may be held responsible under the U.S. Constitution for shooting a playing child who was hit and killed outside the United States border, Professor Gregory Sisk has filed an amicus brief emphasizing the absence of any other remedy for this wrongful killing.

Building New Bonds

Most chemists will say that students learn chemistry by doing chemistry. One of my own mentors used to say, “Education is not a spectator sport.” Research provides a unique opportunity for hands-on work and the...
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Professional Notes for May 18, 2016

This weeks notes feature faculty Shersten Johnson and Kari Zimmerman, and faculty and students from the Chemistry Department who participated in the 2016 Minnesota Academy of Sciences Winchell Symposium.
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CELC Welcomed Three New Faculty and Staff in 2014-15

Bryana French, Ph.D.Bryana French, Ph.D., joined CELC as a faculty member in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year. French began her academic career a...
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Lessons of Leadership from Rep. John Lewis

Since 2009, the University of St. Thomas has been a proud University partner of the National Black MBA – Twin Cities chapter Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program. UST supports the NBMBAA mission of creating educat...
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Fearless…Leaders of Tomorrow

“Leaders are…?” “FEARLESS!!”That was the call and response used to launch our 7:30 a.m. meeting, kicking off Day 1 of an intensive, morning-to-night four day professional development conference for – high...
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Interviewing: a two-way street

You've got your foot in the door at a job interivew. Things are actually going well. What a relief. Then, you're asked, what questions do you have for us?What do you ask? You should know everything from the w...
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Baseball break

The last month was very demanding for all full-time MBA students. We were in the last stage of our ABR projects: the quantitative analysis. We had a huge amount of data that to analyze with several statistica...
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Funny Follies Finished Friday

Last Friday students, faculty and staff of the UST Full-time MBA program got together in a more informal setting to relax and share some laughs at the Follies 2010. The evening started with a networking rec...
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I'm getting involved with UST MBA clubs

The Full-time UST MBA program offers students several ways of getting involved with the community, like participating in clubs and the Student Association. Although, during my first semester I didn't become an...
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For whom the survey polls

In a restaurant, in a hotel, on the Internet – almost anywhere – we are constantly invited to take surveys.  Sometimes we take them, but we think “What is this for?”In our ABR (Applied Business Research) co...
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Networking: It works!

From our career services staff to our professors, everyone has the same piece of advice for us when looking for our internships: “Work on your networking.” For some of us this is the start of our worst nightm...
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Spring is here!

Spring is already here! No more snow and cold weather. But spring means more than that to us, it means that we finished the first half of our second semester. We are only one month and half away to finish our f...
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Real-world perspectives on market research

I appreciate how the Full-time UST MBA program offers a combination of academics and professional experience. An example of this is the integration of special speakers’ days into the regular class schedule. Fac...
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Premier MBA competition comes to UST

The ACG Cup is a case study competition hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth that is designed to give students from leading MBA programs across the country real world experience and invaluable insight...
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Getting started on my second semester

This week we finished our two-week J-term fresh with the leadership and communication skills needed to start and succeed in our second semester. On Wednesday we were assigned to our ABR (Applied Business Resera...