The Center for Ethical Business Cultures now offers the CEBC Integrity Measurement Program, a powerful analysis of an organization’s ethical work environment. The program consists of two proactive employee survey tools: a 28-question CEBC Integrity Survey providing senior management with an in-depth assessment of their organization’s ethical environment and a five-item index called the CEBC Integrity QuickCheck, which creates a high-level view of ethical corporate culture.

The measurement program is designed to help businesses not only gauge the ethical climate within their workplaces but also enable them to better act on ethical issues before they become major problems. Both of its instruments provide a credible and independent perspective on organizational climate, something that is increasingly demanded by regulatory frameworks such asSarbanes-Oxley, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the listing exchanges.

Powered by the surveying expertise of Minneapolis-based Gantz Wiley Research, the Integrity Survey and Integrity QuickCheck are analyzed and interpreted using the principles of the GWR High-Performance Model, which links effective leadership, employee and customer satisfaction, and financial results. Results can be benchmarked for comparative results against WorkTrends, GWR’s national database on employee perceptions.

For more information about the tools, contact Bob Shoemake, (651) 962-4127 or send an e-mail to:

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