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CELC Graduates First Executive Coaching Certificate Cohort

Last spring, the University of St. Thomas recognized graduates from the first cohort of the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching program. Over a 12-month period, 16 students took four courses and participated in fieldwork that would strengthen their coaching skills for use in their current roles and help them make a career transition as an executive coach.

“I was blown away by the caliber of students the program attracted,” said Stacey Larsen, Ed.D., lead faculty/program administrator of the Executive Coaching program. “The students were seasoned professionals looking for the next part of their career – they were amazing to work with. It was wonderful to be a part of their success.”

The program is one of the few of its kind offered at higher education institutions around the world and is unlike most programs that customarily train students in one coaching model or approach. According to Larsen, “Most coaching training programs are formulaic where students learn a framework and finish the program in a week or a couple of months. This is a more complete program.”

Not only does the program provide students a grounding in multiple theories and approaches in the field, it supports students in developing their own coaching philosophy, practice and voice. Classes are taught by experienced coaches well versed in best practices who also have a gift for making learning interactive. Students work in coaching circles, receive regular feedback from mentor-coaches and log 21 hours with coaching clients.

Cohort graduate Claire Williams believes the program was life-changing, “There are a lot of reasons I loved the program. The community of practice created with other coaches and training has been really powerful; the ability to work with a mentor coach has been a-once-in-a-lifetime experience; the merging of academic theory with opportunities to practice and get feedback was just fun! It’s been amazing to see that I am actually capable of coaching.”

“With this program we’re trying to connect people who practice different types of coaching and build a conversation about best practices for coaching within organizations,” Larsen said. “UST is aiming to serve that role in the community.”

Application materials for the June 2016 cohort are due March 15. Watch the online information session to learn more about the Executive Coaching Certificate.

Graduates of the first Executive Coaching Certificate cohort pictured l-r: Kristi Olson, Susan Stock, Vanielis Ngwa, Meghan Coleman, Jacqueline Frazer, Jacqueline Ottoson, Kelty Rome, Tara Peyerl, Jennifer Johnson, Ericka Palmer, Linda Sloan, Marlin Meendering, Lisa Wocken, Claire Williams, Wade Parkin and Debra Mounsey.

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