In November, distinguished scholars and business experts from the United States and Europe convened at St. Thomas by invitation of the Center for Ethical Business Cultures®. Their focus: what will be required to research and write a substantive and balanced international history of corporate social responsibility since 1945. A “who’s who” in the field flew in from the University of Georgia, University of Pittsburgh, Boston College, Santa Clara University in California, BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, the Corporate Citizenship Company in London, University of California-Berkeley, Florida Inter-national University and the University of Virginia, among other schools and organizations. CEBC’s history project has received sustained support from donor Harry R. Halloran Jr., chairman and CEO of American Refining Group. The project launched in 2005 with literature reviews and a search for scholars. Next steps include commissioning authors. CEBC expects to publish the work in 2010.                                

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