More coverage of the University of St. Thomas baseball team trip to Cuba can be seen this week on the KTCA Channel 2 “NewsNight Minnesota” program.

Segments about the trip have been airing during the 7 p.m. program all week and will continue today and Thursday. Most of the filming was done by Ron Riley and Brad Jacobsen, of St. Thomas’ Instructional Support Services, using a KTCA digital camera.

Monday’s program featured a tour of Old Havana. The segment Tuesday was about a visit to the home of Ernesto, a member of the Cuban baseball team. The visit was made (and filmed) by three members of the St. Thomas team, Donald Mauer, Jonathan Guion and Thomas Wilberg.

Tonight’s program will include a trip to the beach and a dance where gifts of baseball equipment were presented to the Cubans. The final segment on Thursday will have scenes from the midnight torch parade honoring Jose Marti, a 19th century leader of Cuba’s independence from Spain.



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