Entrepreneurship students spent an hour rekindling their creativity with the help of youngsters at UST’s Child Development Center.

“As we become adults, we develop creative blocks by being told ‘don’t be silly,'” said Mary Riebe, instructor of Entrepreneurship 360: Creativity and Change. “This event was to help adult students work with young children who have not yet developed inhibitions regarding creativity. It allowed students to be creative with children who did not stifle their creativity, but rather encouraged it.”

The Child Development Center small-fry “instructors” helped the students experiment with markers, water paints, stickers and crepe paper to create a mural. One of the murals is on display in Room 201, McNeely Hall.

Students who participated were Joshua Holler, John Kopp, Chad Karl and Jessica Lemke. Ella Husting, a communications major, also participated.

Photos by Mary Riebe.


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