Congratulations to 2005 Young Scholars and Garhart awardees

The Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarship program has designated 14 students to receive a Young Scholars Grant for summer 2005, including one Garhart Award winner. Awards include a summer stipend of $3,000 and campus housing for the student, and $500 for the faculty adviser. Scholars will work on an array of research projects with faculty collaborators in departments across campus. The awardees, their advisers and their projects are listed below.

The Garhart Award honors the memory of the late Dr. Robert Garhart of the Department of Economics. It is awarded annually to a Young Scholars Grant recipient, working in economics or another social science, or in mathematics.

Here are the Young Scholars and Garhart awardees:

  • Timothy Dickhudt: “Correlation of GC-ArSLID signals with UV absorbance for aromatic compounds,” with adviser Tony Borgerding, Chemistry
  • Matthew Gorman: “Fish communities versus watershed use as drivers of algal abundance in shallow lakes,” with adviser Kyle Zimmer, Biology
  • Chelsi Harrell: “Galaxy-QSO cross-correlations using Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxies and 2df QSO,” with adviser Joshua Nollenberg, Physics
  • Tucker Johnson: “The function of phosphatases in Nature’s time piece,” with adviser Jayna Ditty, Biology
  • Adine Sia-Nancy Momoh: “The need for international environmental law: An examination of the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol between the U.S. and Canada,” with adviser Susan Marsnik, Legal Studies in Business
  • Eric Nehring: “Treatise concerning the transcription of J.S. Bach’s cello suites for the modern classical guitar,” with adviser Chris Kachian, Music
  • Austin Nelson: “Synchronizing chaos: the search for order within disorder,” with adviser Marty Johnston, Physics
  • Anders Ness: “Chemostratigraphy of the Bitter Ridge Limestone, Lake Mead area, southern Nevada,” with adviser Thomas Hickson, Geology
  • Sean Sweeney, Garhart Award: “Do I have to or do I want to? The effects of goal orientation and controlling instructions on intrinsic motivation in competitive and cooperative settings,” with adviser John Tauer, Psychology
  • Stephanie Vaske: “The divine nature of the messiah as presented in the prophetic books of the Old Testament,” with adviser John Martens, Theology
  • Maria Wiering: “The church of St. Michael, in St. Michael , Minnesota [2005]: Explorations of tradition and modernity,” with adviser Victoria Young, Art History
  • Tyler Winkelman: “Synthesis of a triazole-functionalized antibacterial oxazolidinone,” with adviser J. Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry
  • Patrick Zimmerman: “Objectification and attentional capacity,” with adviser Britain Scott, Psychology

For more information on Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarship, see the URCS Web site.


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