By Bob McCluskey, university registrar

Undergraduate students in the College are required by faculty policy to see their faculty adviser before registering in November and April. This requirement is enforced by canceling their Murphy Online Student Information personal identification numbers (PINs) and providing new PINs to their faculty advisers. Upon completion of the required meeting, the adviser may give the new PIN to each student. This is not a requirement for students in the School of Continuing Studies, and the PINs for those students will remain effective.

The PINs currently in effect for undergraduate students in the College will be canceled after the close of business today, Wednesday, Oct. 27. New PINs will be provided to faculty advisers by Monday, Nov. 1. Those advisers may issue the new PINs to their advisees at their discretion on or after that date.

Students who are affected by the cancellation of PINs are encouraged to obtain the documents that will be required for adviser meetings from Murphy Online Student Information before Oct. 28. These may include transcripts and degree audits. The Web address for Murphy Online Student Information is

Since PINs are required to access this system, students will not be able to gain access to it between the lapse of PINs on Oct. 27 and their adviser appointments.

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