By Bruce Van den Berghe
Associate vice president of Auxiliary Services

The search process for a new director of Public Safety and Parking Services has been successful and the new director, Dan Meuwissen, will begin his duties at St. Thomas Monday, May 20.

Meuwissen is an alumnus of the University of St. Thomas, class of 1988 with a baccalaureate degree in sociology-criminal justice. Meuwissen also worked for "Safety and Security" as it was called in those days, as an undergraduate student and after graduation.

He left UST in 1993 to work for Concordia University in St. Paul where he took the position of director of Safety and Security. During his time at Concordia, 1993-2000, Meuwissen earned a master’s degree in organizational management and was promoted from director of Safety and Security to director of Auxiliary Services. When he left Concordia in 2000, he was assistant vice president of operations.

Meuwissen then worked in the public sector until he interviewed for and was hired to fill the position left vacant by the departure of Tim Thompson. Please join me in welcoming Dan "back" to the University of St. Thomas.


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