Delta Sigma Pi continues to grow with spring pledge class

Delta Sigma Pi continues to grow with spring pledge class

From Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi continues to grow with the addition of this spring’s pledge class. This semester’s class, consisting of 26 students, is one of the largest the professional fraternity has seen since its establishment in 1995.

The pledge class has many tasks before being asked to initiate in May. These tasks include interviewing, fundraising, volunteering and organizing a professional and social event.

Every member of the Delta Sigma Pi pledge class is asked to interview the Brothers of the fraternity. In addition to this, the pledges will meet with Delta Sigma Pi alumni. This allows the pledges to get to know the Brothers on another level that would not have been done on a day-to-day basis. It also allows the Brothers to see how the Pledges will fit in the fraternity.

The pledge class has been able to come up with many different methods of fundraising. These activities include selling hot dogs at baseball games, car washes and, it is hoped, other events later into the semester. The committee has set a goal to raise over a thousand dollars. Most of this money will go toward the social and professional events, with the rest going toward the pledge’s fraternity dues.

Like most other groups on campus, Delta Sigma Pi is looking to help the community in every way it can. Halfway into the semester, members of the pledge class were involved in a Kris 5k Walk to raise money for such tragic illnesses. In addition to this, more pledge class members will be involved Feed Our Starving Children in order to fight malnutrition.

In order to contribute to the entire business fraternity, the pledge class is asked to organize a professional and social event. For the professional event, the pledge class will bring in a corporate executive from a local Minnesota corporation. In doing so, the pledge class hopes that the fraternity will gain insight in how large corporations run on our local level. For the social event, the class chose a Disney Theme for the Brothers of the fraternity. The pledge class hopes that it will be a great event for the Brothers and pledge class to come together and really get to know one another.

Although it seems like a long struggle, it brings about a common bond for the members of the pledge class, who are hoping to come together and finish out the semester strong. The spring 2007 pledge class will continue to add to the strong history that is Delta Sigma Pi.

Members of the Spring 2007 Pledge Class
Nick Amey, Matt Barber, John Busch, Paul Conney, Kate Delaney, Adam Hartman, Sara Hultengren, Wyatt Kern, Melissa Kohne, Jessica Lao, Jason McCabe, Kelly McCulloch, Anna McGarthwaite, Mitch McNeil, Ben Michel, Michael Moeller, Erika Persen, Pat Persons, Tori Schifsky, Ira Schlossberg, Kevin Schoenrock, Kristin Seifert, Danielle Tagg, Kate Thode, Nick Vinje and Lauren Wade.