Historic steel being lowered to the ground. Lightning as it arcs above campus. St. Thomas presidents, past and present, walking together. We’ve picked these moments, and the others you see here, from the more than 5,000 we collected in 2013 as our best of the year. Some images are here because they are as-yet-unseen favorites of our staff. Many are here because we believe them to be outstanding images. Still others were picked because of the important event or person they represent from this year.

Make no mistake – this collection of images is not comprehensive. The life of the St. Thomas community is far too complex to be fully captured by staff photographers who eventually have to stop shooting to eat and sleep. But what I hope comes through in these photos is the pride and care we take with the small slices of St. Thomas we’ve encountered in 2013.

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About The Author

Director of Photography

Mike Ekern is the director of photography for the University of St. Thomas.

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