Developing leaders with vision is the focus of the St. Thomas doctorate in educational leadership program, which will host an information session for prospective students from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 16.

The session will be held in the lounge that links Opus Hall with the Interdistrict Downtown School. The lounge is located on the second floor of Opus Hall on the university’s downtown Minneapolis campus.

The session is open to anyone seeking a post-master’s educational experience that will prepare them for the challenges of leadership in business, education, health care, nonprofits or public agencies.

The doctorate in educational leadership program was founded 15 years ago by the School of Education’s Educational Leadership Department. Drawing on the university’s liberal arts tradition, St. Thomas brought together students and faculty members from a variety of disciplines to examine leadership from diverse points of view.

A new group of students joins the program each summer and proceeds through core coursework in research methods and the social, political and ethical contexts of leadership. Students also are given the freedom to select collateral courses in a range of fields and design a dissertation project to suit their professional and personal needs.

Graduates of the doctoral program are college and university faculty members and administrators, corporate trainers, K-12 principals, community college presidents, church leaders, hospital administrators, business consultants and leaders in government agencies.

Applicants seeking to join the program’s next student cohort must complete their application files by Feb. 1, 2001. To find out more, attend an information session or contact Jackie Grossklaus, (651) 962-4885.





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