It is a pleasure to announce that I am appointing Dr. Nancy Zingale, executive assistant to the president, to the position of equal employment opportunity (EEO) officer for the University of St. Thomas. Dr. Zingale will assume this role as an added responsibility to her current position.

Dr. Judith Dwyer, our former executive vice president, held the appointment of EEO officer until she left St. Thomas to become president of Saint Xavier University in Chicago.

The EEO officer has the overall responsibility and accountability for implementing the university’s EEO and affirmative action program. She has the authority to monitor and oversee university initiatives and ensure we’re in compliance with our affirmative action plan.

Dr. Nancy Zingale

Dr. Zingale is a good choice for EEO officer. She has a commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and has the respect of the administration, faculty and staff. She continues to serve my office well as executive assistant, and I am confident she will provide leadership and advocacy for affirmative action with the President’s Staff and the rest of the university community.

She will chair the Affirmative Action Committee and expects committee members will help her to champion our EEO/Affirmative Action Program. The Human Resources staff will support Dr. Zingale by preparing our Affirmative Action Plan and carrying it out, particularly through the role of the associate vice president of human resources and the four Human Resources partners who work with the managers on staffing positions.

Dr. Zingale will coordinate her work as required with the Office of Diversity and Nancy McGrath, who is director of that office. Their efforts will be critical as we carry out our broader diversity initiatives.

I’m grateful for the suggestions I have received from the Affirmative Action Committee and others about the role of the EEO officer and the importance of the appointment for the community.

Please congratulate Dr. Zingale on her appointment and provide her with your support.

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