Ever hear of American Culture and Difference at UST?

Ever hear of American Culture and Difference at UST?

Ever hear of American Culture and Difference at UST? Ever wonder what it is? Find out at an informational meeting today, Thursday, April 17.

American Culture and Difference is an interdisciplinary program minor in which students develop a critical perspective on the rich and multiple meanings of two crucial terms: “American” and “culture.”

Drawing on perspectives from a number of participating departments and programs (e.g., Communication and Journalism, English, History, Music, Art History, Sociology, Theology, Philosophy, Theater, Modern and Classical Languages, Women’s Studies), the program in American Culture and Difference examines the symbols, practices, and histories that contribute to the complexity and variety of the American experience, including North America and South America.

In addition to making connections between disciplines, ACD students engage in analysis that discovers linkages and tensions between vernacular and elite culture, as well as diverse and multiple cultural identities and affiliations. How do music, film, marketing, literature, history, art, etc., shape our daily lives? Cultural and national identity? Racial and ethnic identity? Sense of "high" and "low" culture? American Cultural Studies can help to explore these questions.

If interested in hearing more about American Culture and Difference as a minor or in taking the foundations course, "Introduction to American Cultural Studies" (ACST 200), which will be offered fall semester 2008, attend an informational meeting at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, April 17, in Room 247, John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts. (Pizza and drinks will be provided.)

For more information contact Program Director Kanishka Chowdhury, (651) 962-5649, or see the ACD Web page.