From Computing and Communication Services

A virus that first appeared last summer is making a comeback. This virus is similar to the Melissa virus: it’s contained in an attachment and distributes itself through e-mail. However, this virus is more destructive than Melissa and may destroy files on infected computers.

Messages generated by this virus consist of the following text, followed by an attachment called zipped_files.exe:

I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP. Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs.

If you receive such a message, DO NOT open the attached file. It’s not really a zipped document, but a malicious program that will start destroying your files, then use your e-mail to propagate itself. (Please note that it’s safe to read the e-mail message — the virus will infect you only if you open the attachment.)

If you receive this message from someone at the University of St. Thomas, please call the Help Desk immediately at (651) 962-6230, so that we can take steps to disinfect that person’s machine. (If you receive this message from off-campus, you might consider e-mailing that person to let them know that they’re infected with this virus.)

If you think that you are infected with this virus, call the Help Desk immediately at (651) 962-6230.

We are taking steps to protect the campus, but we appreciate your help in containing any outbreaks!



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