Faculty: Nominate students for Aquinas Fellows scholarships

Nominate students for Aquinas Fellows scholarships

Nominate students for Aquinas Fellows scholarships, one of the many projects funded by Beyond Career to Calling, St. Thomas ' Lilly Grant program. Beyond Career to Calling fosters awareness of the concept of vocation in all areas of the UST community, but especially among students.

Aquinas fellowships are tuition scholarships awarded to students who will be juniors or seniors next year and who have demonstrated a religious understanding of the idea of vocation in their lives. These students clearly are making an effort to discern their life's call in light of their faith and to respond to that call in their studies, extracurricular activities and career preparation.  Aquinas fellowships are awarded to students considering the priesthood or religious life as well as to those pursuing a career of any type.

Faculty or staff nominations are the first step toward these awards. This is where your help is needed. If you know of a student who you believe fits this criteria, take a few moments to nominate the student by submitting his or her name. Nominated students will be contacted and invited to complete an application. If the student chooses to apply for the award, you will be asked to send in a written recommendation to complete the student's application process.

Nominations are due Friday, March 16.

Visit the Beyond Career to Calling Web page for further information about the Aquinas Fellows program and guidelines for writing a letter of recommendation.

Questions? Contact Brian Green, (651) 962-5864.