Faculty-Staff Giving Campaign Kickoff has begun

The University of St. Thomas Development Office announces the kickoff of this year’s Faculty-Staff Giving Campaign.

The Faculty-Staff Giving Campaign is an opportunity for both faculty and staff to partner with Development in advancing the mission of St. Thomas through financial support. Every faculty and staff member is invited to participate in whatever capacity you deem appropriate.

You can look forward to receiving informational materials, either through interoffice mail or hand delivered by a volunteer from your department.

While you are encouraged to give to the fund you feel most strongly about, the Development Office highlights a unique giving opportunity known as the Community-Builders Scholarship. As described in the informational materials, the Community-Builders Scholarship provides scholarships to students willing to “give back” to society through service.

Regardless of where you choose to direct your support, your participation is what matters most. Questions may be directed to either John Bannigan, (651) 962-6982, or Brendan Bannigan, (651) 962-6975.


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