From Dr. Judith Dwyer, executive vice president

At a recent meeting of the University Diversity Steering Committee, the topics of “Ex Corde Ecclesiae: An Application

to the United States,” approved by the United States Bishops on Nov. 17, 1999, and related issues were discussed. During the course of this discussion, several faculty and staff talked about the feeling of fear that exists among some members of our community. These faculty and staff noted that this feeling has arisen in particular among those who are not Catholic, but also among other members of the community in relation to the uncertainty about the implications of the Ex Corde Application in terms of employment, promotion and tenure.

To that end, an open forum has been scheduled for 2:30 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9, in Room 304, Murray-Herrick Campus Center, in order to discuss and address these concerns in an open manner.

In the meantime, I want to assure you that every member of the University of St. Thomas community is valued for their unique contribution to the life of this community. Please know that Father Dease and I cherish the diversity of faiths and cultures that we experience here and we pledge to do our utmost to protect and nurture that diversity.

In this holy season, let us celebrate the blessing we are to one another and renew our commitment to creating a welcoming and accepting community.

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