Feeling relaxed? For Twin Cities residents, the answer is likely "yes"

Being a resident of the Twin Cities just keeps getting better!  Various surveys have noted that Minneapolis-St. Paul has a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities and supports a thriving business community.  But did you realize that the Twin Cities are also the most "relaxed" major metropolitan area in the United States?

Forbes Magazine recently released its list of "America's Most Relaxed Cities," and Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked #1.  Due to relatively low unemployment, short commutes, and healthy lifestyle choices, Twin Cities residents experience less stress than residents of other metropolitan areas do, according to Forbes.  With the 35W/Crosstown construction project completed, perhaps Twin Cities commuters will find even higher levels of relaxation going forward.

Not everyone is excited about the relaxation rankings, however.  A columnist from The Oregonian, a newspaper in Portland, takes issue with the fact that his fair city only ranked 4th, and pointed out some of the more stress-inducing features of life in the Twin Cities.  In the interest of fair and balanced debate, you can read his comments here and decide for yourself.

So, what's your opinion--is Forbes right in its assessment of the Twin Cities?  Or are we not as relaxed as they think?