By Dr. John Kemper and Dr. Angeline Barretta-Herman, co-chairs, Self-Study Steering Committee

Thanks to all of you who responded to the initial drafts of the five Self-Study report chapters. The response through the University Senate and Executive Vice President’s Cabinet meets was very helpful, as were comments we have received from those of you who visited the Self-Study Web site as each chapter was posted.

We are meeting with chairs of each of the subcommittees, reviewing comments and suggestions that have been received, and making changes and additions to each chapter. Several weeks of intensive editing for tone, balance, redundancies and technical points will be done in May by various persons who have not been involved in the process to date.

You may recall that the finance sections of Chapter 2 (Resources) and Chapter 4 (Planning) were not yet complete when these chapter drafts were first posted on the Web site. These chapters have been reposted now with finance sections included in each. Not all of the changes suggested over the past month have been incorporated yet into these chapters, but we wanted to repost them now so that the community has an opportunity to review them.

The other chapters have been removed from the Web site, but Chapters 2 and 4 will remain for two weeks.

When the final document is complete, it will be posted on the Self-Study Web site.


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