It was an honor to serve as the interim dean of the University of St. Thomas School of Law, and it is an even greater honor to introduce the new dean, Robert Vischer. Many of our readers will know Dean Vischer from his time as a faculty member and associate dean at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. In those roles, he has established himself as one of the leading thinkers on what it means to be a Catholic Law School, where faith and reason are taken seriously. Dean Vischer has a chance in this magazine to lay out some of his vision for the law school, and I look forward to working with him to realize his vision.

The other major feature in this magazine is on employment. In the article you will read more about how the School of Law is uniquely positioned to help our students navigate the changing legal employment market. I am chairing a new committee to coordinate our efforts to help each student to develop and implement a plan for employment from the first year of law school. The article also includes some notes from recent alumni who have carved their own paths.

The magazine also includes a focus on the work of Wulf Kaal, and his emerging work looking at how hedge funds are reacting to the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act. It demonstrates how important the scholarly activity of our faculty is, as this is a good example of work that can be directly applied in the classroom, and has affected practice as Business Week magazine and other mass media outlets have commented on the research.

I look forward to moving back into my role as professor and Director of the Holloran Center, and to continue working with all of you and Dean Vischer to build this inspiring law school.

Neil Hamilton
Professor and Director of the Holloran Center
for Ethical Leadership in the Professions
University of St. Thomas School of Law

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