Four Students Share Their London Business Semester Experiences

Current and past London Business Semester (LBS) students and faculty co-directors speak of the cohort aspect of the program – fifty OCB juniors – as one of the most unique and enduring part of the study abroad experience.  The fact that year-in and year-out almost ten percent of the OCB undergraduate student body chooses to spend a semester abroad speaks to the success of the program.

Spending a semester in London – not as a visitor for a week or so but as a student – with the opportunity and responsibilities of taking a full academic course load, living in a British home, traveling (both on excursions and in a group) and volunteering in a British social service agency; cumulatively make LBS special.

So what makes the London Business Semester work?  Several students have maintained blogs of their experience; and have shared them with us.  We are pleased to pass four of them on to you so you can read first-hand what makes the London Business Semester special.

Keep Calm and Live London

by Megan Ferm



The Life Of Mags  ~ A London Semester Abroad

By Maggie Holm

lifeof mags


The [wannabe] Londoner

by Amelia Croxson



London Life 2013

By Ali Weiss