Fowler Business Concept Challenge Set for Oct. 19

St. Thomas students and faculty are invited to attend the Fowler Business Concept Challenge from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19, in Schulze Hall auditorium. The winning teams will walk away with $39,000 in scholarships!

The challenge gives students the opportunity to develop a business concept that has the potential to become a viable high-growth business. This year, there were 66 submissions to the Fowler Business Concept Challenge, and the quality of submissions was outstanding. The judges had a tough time narrowing down the 32 semifinalist teams (16 undergraduate and 16 graduate).

The semifinalists are:

Undergraduate Division

  • Superhero Simulation Service: Jesse Stone and Mariann Kukielka
  • One Music Portal: Joseph Famalette
  • FISH Minnesota and Wisconsin (Web and Mobile App): Tony Trulen
  • Cordz: Melena Nelson, Alyssa Friedrich and Derek Donnelly
  • CabFair: Grant Spanier and Austin Nash
  • The Pink Bow City Fashion Truck: Keona Tranby
  • The Ultimate French Fry: Anthony Kasper, Sammy Kevitt and Brian Richardson
  • Child Trackers: Zack Julian Guilbeault, Brandon Hale and Matthew Arlien
  • Sleeper Hoodie: Kyle Andrews and Michael Farris
  • Shoreline Solutions: Thomas Lecy
  • Imperative Statistics: Stuart Lombardo and Robert Harrell
  • DormBox: Luke Dewall
  • ConnecTherapy: Dennis Gisch, Jacob Rocheford and Benjamin Bloomquist
  • Xtreme Pics: Jeremy Patterson and Mark David
  • Widget Wah!: Michael Orth and Collin Kearney
  • Callan Faulkner, Laura Engel and Abraham Jungbauer

Graduate Division

  • Early Warning Security: Evan Gaustad and Suwarat Gaustad
  • Door Alarm: Joseph Smith
  • See Sprout: Daniel Kolar
  • Watchtower Security: Christopher Emerson
  • Pelican: Vitaly Demin
  • Dynamic Tablet Docking Station: Brian Strauss
  • Social Renting: Kevin McDonald
  • Art Space: Kasey R. Grams and Jennifer Victor-Larsen
  • Fro-Yo-To-Go: Nathan Kalkwarf
  • SmartPark: David Berglund
  • Mill City Throw Down: Nell Benson
  • The Learning Cycle: Brian Zeuli
  • Coach: Aaron Engler
  • Party Pops: Sarah Klaas
  • Crowd Digs: Matt Joyce

For more information visit the Fowler Business Concept Challenge website.