As Dr. Samuel Levy explained in his Oct. 5 article on information resources and technologies, the university is undertaking a Learning Architecture Planning Initiative. The initiative, jointly sponsored by Levy and Dr. Susan Alexander, seeks to define instructional technology directions and needs and to make recommendations to move the university forward consistent with strategic directions.

A steering committee, chaired by Joe Kreitzer, includes Lisa Burke-Marose, Molly Byrne, Kenneth Goodpaster, Levy, Bryce Miller, Lucy Payne, Paul Wieser and Ruth Zietlow. The committee will draft initial recommendations in March, then seek comments before finalizing the recommendations in May.

The committee’s task groups will investigate four areas:

  • Classroom learning activities and technologies, academic support materials and access to technologies
  • Emerging technologies
  • Online course-development resources
  • Digital library

If you would like to participate in one of these task groups, please contact Joe Kreitzer by Dec. 17 to let him know of your interest. Further information about the initiative and the roups will appear in a future Bulletin Today article, or you may contact Paul Wieser.


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