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Information Resources and Technologies (IRT) is pleased to announce wireless connectivity on campus. This wireless network is part of a pilot project designed to explore the technology and its impact on campus resources. UST is not completely wireless, and, even provided with a successful pilot, will not be for some time. Read on to find out more about the project: What a pilot project is, where the wireless networks are located, and what you need to take part in the project.

What is a pilot project?
A pilot project works as a “proof of concept,” to determine if the original premise (wireless networking at UST) will work with the existing resources and adopted technologies before committing to a campuswide implementation. To that end, IRT has installed wireless technology in three locations and ensured that these areas are secure, reliable and stable. After some initial testing with university laptops, IRT has confirmed that the network is ready for general use.

Where is wireless connectivity available?
Currently wireless connectivity is available for use in three locations: O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library (underground west-end study area and second floor east-end study area) and Murray-Herrick Center (Grill and study area outside of the Grill) in St. Paul, and the Keffer Library in Minneapolis. Although there may be additional wireless access elsewhere in the future, these areas will be the focus through the end of spring semester 2004.

What do I need to connect to the wireless network?
Anyone who has a working UST username and password can connect to the wireless network along with: a laptop computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP or Mac OS X; a Wi-Fi certified wireless network card that is 802.11b or 802.11g compatible (802.11g recommended); and antivirus software (UST offers Sophos free for the university community).

If you meet these requirements, visit Client Services in Foley Theater (St. Paul) or Client Services @ Scholars (Minneapolis) to have your laptop registered and configured for the network. Once configured, you may connect your laptop to the wireless network in any (or all) of these locations. (Note: If you wish to connect in other locations, such as the residence halls or in other areas that require wired networking, you must have two network cards, one supporting each type of network.)

More information is available at our Wireless FAQ.

Try it out!
We encourage you to make use of the wireless network at UST. At the end of the project, we will solicit feedback from registered users to help us with campuswide planning and implementation of the wireless network.

If you have questions about this or other technology-related issue, please contact the IRT Tech Desk at (651) 962-6230.


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