MN Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Business Issues on Campus

The Opus College of Business hosted the three major party candidates for Minnesota governor—Representative Tom Emmer (R), former Senator Mark Dayton (D), and Mr. Tom Horner (I)—for a debate Tuesday moderated by Dean Christopher Puto. The candidates outlined their strategies for job creation, economic growth and energy issues.

The discussion, sponsored by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal focused on business issues affecting Minnesota with Journal editorial staff determining the questions. The audience of more than 200 included former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton and former Minnesota Senator David Durenberger.

Questions ranged from the big picture (“What is Minnesota’s brand and how would you work to leverage or change that perception as governor?”) to those more closely related to policy  (“What are the specific actions you would take to promote the development of a clean energy industry and market in the state?”) to leadership style (“To which resources and which colleagues will you most often turn as you face challenging decisions?”)

“We pride ourselves on our long-standing ability to integrate theory with practice – to give our business students the finest education as well as the skills and know-how to put that education to use,” said Dean Puto. “And that’s why we’re so pleased to be able to host this important dialogue – it allows us to further our goal of educating highly-principled global business leaders and be informed, active participants in our community.”

Video of the forum is available and audio is available from MPR. Opus College of Business staff live-tweeted the event, providing facts and links to complement each question and the candidates’ responses. The views presented in the forum were those of the candidates and not of the university.