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In September 1998, UST transferred its database of videotapes, movies and some audiocassettes into its own custom-built electronic media catalog accessible for the first time on the World Wide Web. Today the catalog includes about 4,000 VHS videos, and some 400 16mm movies, CD-Roms, audiocassettes, and 3/4″ U-matic videotapes. These items are housed in the Instructional Support Services offices in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The programs in the catalog are for educational use by the UST community. They are used in conjunction with on-campus instruction or for individual previewing. To search for particular titles, please click here. You can also access the catalog by going into the Instructional Support Services Home Page and clicking on Media Catalog, or, by going into UST’s Libraries page, and clicking on “Other Collections.”

St. Thomas’ films and videos always have been acquired at the request of faculty, or they have been donated by faculty, staff, administration or departments. Therefore, it has been customary to list the specific faculty/donor name and department when entering the title into the database. While the majority of VHS tapes have been acquired over the last 10 years, many are of an earlier vintage. In the near future ISS will be trying to determine which titles are not being used any longer, and then go through a process of weeding out, and either storing, selling or discarding unwanted items. Until this process is started, these older programs will remain as part of the electronic catalog.

Please note the browsing and searching tips below. Feel free to print these tips to have on-hand when you first begin to navigate the catalog. Call (651) 962-6801 if you have any questions or suggestions. We will assist you in any way we can when you call.

Browsing and searching tips for the online media catalog at

Drop-down menu options. Search for items by:

Type in:

Title keyword

All words in title or one or more words in title. Question: Are you sure these words are in the title? If not, eliminate “guess” words.

Title/description keyword

One or more words you expect to find in either the title or the description.

Subject keyword

One or more words included in the subject listing. Question: Have you viewed the subject list on the search page? Keywords used in a subject search must be actual words within subjects in the subject listing.

Catalog number

UST-ISS catalog number or partial number. Note: This is a helpful search feature if you already know the catalog number or if you want to search for all LH (videos held in Minneapolis) titles, or all ZA (audio) titles, etc. Enter the letter codes and select the appropriate media format button on the search page.

Produced in or after the year (four digit) production

Calendar year estimated date of. Note: This can be helpful when you wish to narrow your search to locate recent or not so recent productions. Use this, and your choice of another drop-down menu option and be sure to select the AND button from AND … OR found in between the menu bars.

New items since: mm/dd/yyyy

Full numerical date (e.g., 01/01/2000). Note: This is most helpful for checking up on the most recent media acquisitions in ISS. It also can be used in conjunction with any of the other search options, to help narrow the search to include only titles acquired starting from a specific date. Be sure to use the AND button from the AND … OR buttons on the search page.






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