Please note: This ran as a Bulletin Update on 8/30/01:

Here’s an update on the strategic planning efforts that have occurred during the summer

By Dr. Judith Dwyer, executive vice president

I would like to update you regarding strategic planning efforts that have occurred during the summer months.

During June and July, all academic and administrative departments completed an Annual Review and Planning Report. Though most departments have completed annual reports for many years, this is a somewhat revised format that includes future planning as well as an analysis of the past year. I would like to thank all of you who were responsible for completing this report and all who assisted in the process for your fine work.

With the Annual Review and Planning Report, more than 100 Strategic Initiative Proposals (SIPs) also were submitted. These came from every division of the university and covered a wide variety of ideas from one-time or short-term projects requiring minimal funding to long-term multi-million dollar requests for buildings or new endowments.

During the first three weeks of August, the vice presidents reviewed and prioritized the SIPs from their respective divisions. Also during that time Rosemary Miklitsch, the planning coordinator, worked individually with a number of people who had submitted SIPs to help them clarify and fill in missing information.

On Aug. 22 and 23, the Executive Vice President’s Cabinet met for daylong meetings to review the SIPs one by one. Each vice president presented the SIPs from his/her division, followed by discussion. As you can imagine, this was a long process, but one that I am confident did justice to the amount of work many of you undertook in preparing the SIPs. The vice presidents and I were very pleased with the creativity and thoughtfulness evident in the SIPs, and our discussion was quite engaging. By the end of these two days, the cabinet had determined which SIPs to move forward to the action plan stage of strategic planning, and which either to put on hold or deny for the present time. These decisions were not always easy.

Every individual or group who submitted a SIP will receive a letter from me informing them of the status of their proposal within the next day or two.

In addition to the SIP review, the cabinet also prepared a preliminary report of the progress we have made as an institution on the Strategic Directions. This report, along with a summary of the SIPs, will be presented to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting on Sept. 6, and then to the full Board of Trustees at their annual planning meeting Sept. 20. A report pertaining to academic matters will be presented at the Sept. 18 University Senate meeting. After Sept. 20, the Strategic Directions progress report and a SIP update report will be published in the Bulletin Today.

I am very grateful for the hard work and level of participation in this phase of strategic planning. I shall keep you informed of our progress through regular updates in the daily Bulletin. I encourage those of you who may be new to St. Thomas to visit the strategic planning web site for detailed information about UST’s strategic planning process.

Your continued participation is critical to the University of St. Thomas’ quest for excellence. I look forward to working with you as we move ahead with the process.



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