'How well do you know UST?' resumes in 2010

Victoria Svoboda (associate dean of students) was the first to respond correctly to the “How well do you know UST?” Question No. 4 posed last week by Institutional Research and Analysis: “Of all the undergraduate students who were accepted but did not attend UST in 2009-10, what are the top four universities they attended?” The answer: U of M, UW- Madison, College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University.

*  *  *

“How well do you know UST?” questions will resume the week of Jan. 4, 2010. Institutional Research and Analysis' New Year’s resolution is to offer more challenging questions to the UST community. In addition, beginning in January, the fifth person who responds to instresearch@stthomas.edu with the correct answer to the weekly question also will be announced in Bulletin Today, and those who submit a correct response to any of the IR&A weekly questions will be included in the monthly random drawing to win a UST coffee mug.

The first random drawing was held Monday, Dec. 14, and included the 48 individuals who responded correctly to the past four questions. Undergraduate student Jewel Matsch won the coffee mug.

For 2010, look for the weekly questions to appear in Bulletin Today on Wednesdays with the answers on Fridays.