HR Announces Updates to Group Long-term Care Policy and Blue Cross Website

The Human Resources benefits team announces changes to the university’s group long-term care insurance policy and the website for Blue Cross Blue Shield, the claims administrator of the university’s medical plan. The changes were initiated by the university's vendor partners.

Genworth’s group long-term care insurance policy closing to new sales Dec. 1

Genworth, the provider of the university's group long-term care (GLTC) insurance policy, recently announced that beginning Dec. 1, it will no longer accept new sales of the GLTC policy currently available to eligible St. Thomas employees. At this time, the benefits department is in the process of reviewing next steps and will announce decisions made as soon as they are available.  This will not affect those covered under the group long-term care policy issued by Transamerica.

If you are currently enrolled in GLTC issued by Genworth:

  • Your GLTC coverage will continue for as long as premium payments are received timely by Genworth.
  • If you are currently making premium payments via payroll deduction, that arrangement will continue until further notice.
  • Note that Genworth has indicated that their decision to discontinue this offering will not affect the premiums that you are currently paying.

If you are benefits eligible and not currently enrolled in GLTC:

  • You may still apply for coverage through Genworth but you must do so before Dec. 1. All applications completed or received on or after Dec. 1 will not be accepted.
  • If your hire date is prior to Nov. 1 and you apply, your application will be subject to medical underwriting.

For additional information refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

New Blue Cross Blue Shield website to launch Jan. 1

Beginning Jan. 1, enrollees in the university's medical plan will access their new member Blue Cross Blue Shield website or portal at When you receive your new ID card, you can then register on the new website.

For any claims incurred prior to Jan. 1, you must access the current member portal at for Explanations of Benefits (EOB's) and to track your deductible and out of pocket accumulations for 2016.

The new website will have enhanced functionality that includes:

  • Updated medical and pharmacy provider finder search.
  • Ability to receive cost estimates, view benefit plan information, and print or email a copy of your medical ID card.
  • Easy access to your 2017 claims information.

What you need to do if you are currently enrolled in the medical plan:

  • Keep your 2016 medical ID card. If you had not previously registered at online, you will need to do so to retrieve EOB’s, track your deductible and out of pocket accumulations for 2016. The information you will need to register will be on your current ID Card. Since the 2016 and 2017 medical ID cards will look similar, St. Thomas benefits staff suggest to write “old” on your current medical ID card for easy identification.
  • After you receive your 2017 ID card, re-register on the new website: new website. Your new 2017 medical ID card will list your new group number, new subscriber number, new website address and a new toll-free customer service number.