As with any college student’s life, no day in the Catholic Women’s House – affectionatelycalled “Castel Magenta” after St. Gianna Molla’s birthplace – is exactly the same. Since we made a commitment to one another to pray at least two hours of the Liturgy of the Hours each day, the day starts with morning prayer or Mass for most of us.Around quarter to eight, the house gets a little crazy. Meghan is often seen doing homework on the incredibly comfortable couch, while Audrey, Ashley and I seek breakfast in the kitchen. Ashley works in Stillwater, so she heads off to work, while Audrey goes to class, and I walk to Coffee Bene for a morning cup of coffee then head to work at Campus Ministry.Around lunchtime, I go back to Castel Magenta for lunch. Meghan and Ashley are off toDr. Lemmons’ Love, Sex and Friendship class. Audrey has returned from her morning biologyclass and is having lunch also, so we talk for a while as we eat.In the afternoon, Audrey goes to Dr. Briel’s Newman class. She often returns from the class with new topics of discussion, from the application of Newman’s Idea of a University to how assenting to the truth affects our beliefs. I spend the afternoon doing homework, usually for the Thought of Aquinas class that Ashley and I take together. Sometimes she and I will try to talk through the dense material before class to get a handle on Aquinas’ brilliant arguments.On Mondays, we have community dinner at five, so when all of us get home, we startcooking. Audrey has planned the meal tonight and instructs us in making chicken pizza. The kitchen gets loud as we talk and laugh, releasing stress and enjoying one another’s company. When dinner is ready, we gather in the living room for evening prayer. Once a month, our house chaplain, Kristen Grant, joins us for dinner to offer her prayer and perspective to life in the house. Dinner is a cheerful affair, as we tell stories from our days and discuss topics such as the theology in Catholic schools. We linger at the table, talking about our plans for a get-together with the Catholic Women’s Floor. After dinner, we clean up together then do homework or watch a movie at the Catholic Men’s House. Thus ends another day for the girls of Castel Magenta, striving to live the lives of ordinary saints.

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